Established in 1999, The Bizz are people who want to help and support the young people of Gloucestershire to lead safe, healthy, happy and independent lives.  Scroll down to learn more about what we do.


The Bizz aims to empower young people by giving them hope to achieve their full potential by raising their self-esteem, confidence, independence and aspirations.  We offer:

  • One to one mentoring.

  • One to one and small group teaching. 

  • Thinking Therapy (CBT)

  • A 'helping hand' financially to those in need.

  • Toiletry packs for those who find themselves without a home.


In 1999 we set up a youth centre and gym in Hucclecote when we realised that the young people in the area needed somewhere to socialise which was safe, fun and educational.

In April 2006 the Bizz took on the ownership of the 66 Star building in Linden and joined forces with Gloucestershire Youth Service and the local community group, to provide a safe place for young people to go. Young people themselves led the hive of activity offering a coffee bar, dance studio, music studio, sports , arts and music events. We arranged a variety of trips and took part in shows and competitions where young people gained medals, awards and qualifications, but mainly had fun, gained confidence, self esteem, new experiences, skills and friends.

Some of our projects;

Performing in school assemblies tackling issues such as bullying and teenage pregnancy. 

Safeguarding workshops to raise awareness of sexual exploitation.

Renovation of the 66 Star garden.

Winners of the Gloucester carnival.

Unfortunately, the building was closed in December 2010 due to lack of funding and government cuts, but our work has carried on.